Welcome To Idaho Custom Iron Works

If you have been looking for custom wrought iron, you have located a great source.  We custom make almost anything from commercial address numbers to luxury or safety additions to any home or business. If you have a project that someone has told you is impossible, we may be the company for you.

As a home builder and contractor you can expect reliability and a product your clients will rave about. Wrought iron is gorgeous in or on any home or business. We have been creating beautiful products for many years.

Custom wrought iron can be used for:

  • Stair, Balcony, Pool, and Deck Railings
  • Window Guards
  • Entrance and Security Gates
  • BBQ Pits and Fire Rings
  • Metal Signs
  • Commercial Letters and Numbers

Contact us today for your custom wrought iron needs. Our price points are good, our service is friendly, and we pride ourselves in our work.

All cities require and have written codes for the size of the address numbers on your buildings. However, a little known fact is that the fire departments in each city actually dictate what the size must be.

We manufactureaddress numbers on a regular basis and ship them all over the country. If you are having trouble getting your hands on METAL, quality, long lasting numbers, order yours from us today.

ICE Snowmobile Repair and Rescue

What is the “Rescue” all about? I have been called many occasions to go up and rescue/ retrieve someone’s snowmobile that had to be left on the mountain, and up to date have never come back without being successful. So I decided to start marketing the idea to those who do not know me. You can count on $350 -$500 depending on where it is located. All I need is GPS coordinates, and a $200 deposit. Imagine leaving your $12,000.00 snowmobile up somewhere to be parted out by others? Insurance won’t cover it till it’s in a place they can send a Claims officer! (click on photo for additional information)